Diabetes "Power Foods" That Should Be In Your Pantry or Fridge

The better you eat, the better you'll control your diabetes. When it comes to food, quality is more important than quantity. Here are some diabetes "super foods" that you should keep on your regular grocery store list.

Leafy Greens

If you're looking for a food with the most nutritional punch, head for the produce section. Stock up on leafy greens like kale, chicory and spinach. Not only are the packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, but they also have a super-low glycemic index.


Add a little spice to your life with some cinnamon. You'll be happy to know that it does more than just make your food taste good. Cinnamon has been shown in studies to help reduce fasting glucose levels. While research isn't complete on that, there's no harm in spicing things up.


Got a sweet tooth? Then grab some berries. Berries have the lowest glycemic index of all fruit. They contain a lot of fiber and that taste of sweetness will improve your mood.


Get your essential daily dose of vitamin D and calcium in one delicious cup. Yogurt has been linked to lower glucose levels. It's also very sating, so it makes a great snack to help ward off the hunger pangs.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, that's right-- you can have chocolate (in moderation of course). Choose dark chocolate, which is rich in flavonoids that lower insulin resistance. As long as you don't overdo it, enjoy!

Photo: Coach Up